Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Steam Punk Saga Continues!

One of the benefits of being in "getting ready to move" mode is that I packed up most of my fabric and projects.  I left out Steam Punk and a Gee's Bend project.  Since I don't have other options to distract me, I have been making quite a bit of progress on my Steam Punk blocks:

I have 29 blocks completed!  The pattern calls for 41, so I'm within striking range of finishing this puppy.  Now I have to go back to cutting out pieces as I have put together everything that I had assembly line cut out previously. 

Some of the blocks are more successful than others.  I think once all in their proper place, it will be a quite attractive quilt.  As I look at the blocks I can't say that I stuck to my "neutral palette" idea - there's alot of color in these blocks!

Are any of you working on steam punk blocks?  Am I the last remaining slacker, er, maker on the steam punk wagon?  Love to hear from some other steam punkers.

Aaaaanyway, that's it from the Robertson household!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Who Knew?

I visited Barnes & Noble bookstore when I was in Reno last weekend (the brick and mortar stores have all closed in the Bay Area) and started in the magazine section.  $87.00 later, I left the store with 4 magazines and a book.  Oh, I purchased a "membership" for $25.00 so I could get a 10% discount on my purchases.  $17 more dollars of discount and I'll break even...

What I didn't know was how many quilting magazines there are.  I must have looked at 15 different magazines.  To my surprise, I saw that there were 2 brand new Modern Quilting magazines.  And they're pretty good:
          Fresh Quilts published by Harris Publishing
          Modern Patchwork published by Interweave

I also purchased The Quilt Life by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson and received my subscription copy of Modern Quilts.  

I saw several great ideas in the magazines for future quilts, as well as some pretty good reading on a variety of topics.  AND, they are looking for contributors to future editions.  So, if you have a quilt or pillow or bag or table runner, both magazines want to hear from you, or me, or us. 

I have been somewhat disappointed in Modern Quilts Unlimited as the projects seem to be a way to call attention to specific fabric lines rather than a quilt that was made with fabrics that spoke to the quilter.

I also purchased Gwen Marston's new book, Minimal Quiltmaking.  I have not been disappointed in any of her books.  This was no exception.  Gwen provides guidance as to her process, but does not provide specific directions or patterns.  She does go into some detail about the artists who were the source of her quilting inspiration for this book.  Someday I will take one of her classes...

As soon as I read her book, I knew that I would make a minimalist quilt.  I  pulled a pile of fabric to start on my first project.  (Most of my stash is packed in anticipation of my move next month, so I have a really good excuse to purchase more fabric.  After all, I can't be expected to do no sewing for 2 more months!)

I don't think it will take long to put the top together.  I'll start cutting tonight...
I'm really revved up to make this quilt.  Do you get that way?  Where you just can't wait to get to work on a quilt? 

And, I'm still steam punking.  Two more blocks completed (I'm up to 15 now) and after 5 hours of cutting out the various shapes needed for more blocks at Bay Area MQG sew day, I came up with this:

I'm hope there are 8 more blocks in these piles!  The pattern suggests 41 blocks...sigh.  After I assemble these blocks, I'll be about half way there.

Aaaaaanyway, that's it from the Robertson household.