Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's Been About 5 Months...

since I added anything to my blog.  I last wrote just a few days before the movers came to finish packing up and put my "stuff" on the truck for my move from Los Altos, Ca to Reno, Nevada.  Here are just a few of my sewing related boxes ready to be taken away:

My new sewing room looked like this for several months as I unpacked and tried to make sense out of where to put my "stuff" in the new house:

As part of this grand scheme, I also retired from the practice of law, hopefully to allow myself to enjoy life, explore, observe, learn, create and grow.  All things I felt were lacking in my life while practicing law.  I also wanted to be nearer my two grandkids, who are now 5 and 7:

So, I now live down the street from my son, DIL and the 2 boys.  I am enjoying new experiences through the eyes of the boys, such as Pumpkin Palooza at Victorian Square.  I'm also getting involved in the community here and volunteering with several organizations as I decide what if anything I will do with myself from a work perspective.  

The sky here is quite delightful.  Here are a couple of shots I took from my backyard in October and November:

We've had some snow in the mountains (none in Reno).  Here's a shot from my bedroom window:

And I have gotten my sewing room up and running!  That was quite a job!  I had no idea how much fabric I had squirreled I do.  I found projects that I had started years ago that are screaming to be finished (o.k., they may need a little work around to modernize them, but the basics are good).   More to come on that topic.

I have also been FMQ my Gee's Bend quilt and working on an improvisational "15 Minutes of Play" type quilt trying to use up some of the mounds of scraps I have accumulated.  

Oh, and let me show you a shot of my neighbors:

Wild horses roam around the neighborhood in herds as large as 8 or 10, although this mom, dad and baby seem to particularly like our little neighborhood for hanging out, munching on the grass and, of course, leaving piles of, well, horse poop!

O.K. - I've brought you up to date with most of what I have been doing in the last few months.  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are getting into the spirit of Christmas.  Boo is getting there:

 And I've even started decorating my house!
Nothing like some sparkling lights to make a person feel festive!

Aaaaaanyway, that's it from Robertsonville!