Thursday, February 4, 2016

2016 Sewing from my Stash - Lots of City Sampler Photos!

Well, in addition to the Q1 Finish-along, I joined the 2016 Sew My Stash Instagram group (#sewmystash2016).  I don't know about you, but I could sew from my stash for several years before I ran out of projects!  Maybe several years is an understatement...many, many years is probably more accurate.  

So what part of my stash did I decide to focus on you ask yourself?  I went for one of my favorite fabric designers - Tula Pink and gave myself the assignment of working through her City Sampler blocks.  All 100 of them (IG #tula100) if you want to see what others have done.  Tula numbered her blocks but did not name them.  She encourages you to name your own blocks are you make them.  I am not making the blocks in the order of the book.  I'm flipping through and then deciding on a block that appeals to me.  Having now reviewed the blocks I have made, it appears that I like to select blocks that have fewer pieces!  So that means I will have a number of 24-28 piece blocks to do at the end.  Maybe I should change my approach!

So, as of last Sunday, I had completed 45 blocks!  They are 6.5" (6" when set) and have many, many little pieces (not my strong suit for sure).  I have a pretty good stash of Tula fabric from over the years and like the way the blocks are coming together.  

Here are the first 15 blocks I made with the respective page from Tula's book:

And here are the second set of 15 blocks I made (#16-30):

And here are the third set of blocks I most recently completed (#31-45):

 A few rogue blocks are in this and earlier groups - I opted out of lots of little pieces in some of the blocks if I thought I could get a similar effect without so many little pieces!

Just in case you are wondering about Boo, here's a quick photo of him after a romp in the snow:

Talk with you soon!

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