Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Round Robin and Charity Blocks

I completed my round on Chris' Round Robin and I rather like the effect of the geese radiating out at the corners.  Chris chose very strong colors (love it!).  I think this top will be a dazzler.   Here she is:

On to charity blocks:  Our guild had created an opportunity to break into small groups and participate in a color group challenge.  Our little group agreed to make blocks (8.5" unfinished) from "our" colors and using one unifying piece of fabric somewhere in each block.

We ended up with 12 blocks that were very different and rather challenging to put together into one single charity quilt top.  After pondering our choices for awhile, Jaye and I decided to divide and conquer the problem, making 2 quilt tops from the blocks we had.

Here are the blocks that I received set into a 48" x 60" quilt top.  One of the other group members will quilt it with a horizontal quilting pattern of their choosing and then some bright purple binding to round out the quilt.

It's rather difficult to see a primarily white quilt top on a white design wall (why didn't I think about that when photographing it?)  The top will have all of the blocks in this vertical row on the left of the quilt and the remainder of the top will be white with horizontal quilting.  It's hard to miss the blocks though!  Our colors were purple, hot pink and lime green - yeeha!  More to follow as we finish these quilts up for donation to a local women's shelter.

Now I'm moving on to my Secret Santa project for our December 14th meeting and exchange. I have to get busy, get started and get finished!  Can't say anything about it or I might ruin the surprise!

Guess I'm sewing again after all those months of nothing...

Aaaanyway, that's it from the Robertson household.  


  1. It's looking good...glad to hear you're back sewing!!

  2. Both look great. I especially like how you put Chris's piece on point and took the triangles out into the corner pieces. Nice job.

    I just finished my donation top! I am thinking about a binding, but might be too tired tonight, so we will see. Take care.