Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last Blog Before The Move and my Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt is finished!

Come Saturday my life here in the Bay Area is being put into a truck and moved to my new home in Reno. 
My last day at my office is Friday.  Things seem to be falling into place with transitioning of clients and a couple of local attorneys who want to not only lease my space (my lease isn't up until the end of September) starting July 1, but want to purchase all of my office furniture!  Fabulous win, win for both of us.  I don't have to liquidate my furniture or worse, pay someone to haul it away and they don't have to buy new furniture.

On Saturday, the movers come to my condo and pick everything up for the trip to Reno.  Then I have to find a place for everything in my home in Reno, but hopefully, it will all work out. 

Meanwhile, I completed my Schnitzel & Boo mini quilt for my international partner.  Here is a look at the finished mini quilt:

This is what I consider the front of the mini quilt.  I actually quilted it myself (and as many of you know, quilting is not my strength!)

This is the back of the quilt.  The front is made up of 12.5 inch blocks and the back is one large block. 

I think the quilting works for both front and back.  Let me know what you think. 
So off it goes to its new owner along with some little gifts.  Hope she likes it!
Are you participating in the Schnitzel & Boo mini quilt swap?  If so, what are you up to?
Aaaaaanyway that's it from the Robertson California household.  Next time, I'll be blogging from my new home!


  1. The quilting on this turned out wonderful - front and back. Safe travels and best of luck in your new home.

  2. The quilt is lovely. I am not sure why one moves from the where you are to the desert, but good luck with the move.

  3. Hope the move went smoothly. I missed you at Sew Day and hope to see you soon.

  4. Gorgeous. Very nice quilting design it fits the piecing very well.