Tuesday, March 1, 2016

QuiltCon West 2016 - A Review

QuiltCon West was in full swing in Pasadena, Ca for 4 days in February.  As expected, it was crazy busy fun!  The quilt show was wonderful.  Modern quilters rock!  And the vendors are pretty darn amazing also.

I took several classes and was pleased with each class.  My first class was Victoria Findlay Wolfe's Pies and Points class featuring her Sizzix dies.  I had not used a Sizzix die cutter before and was really surprised how quickly and accurately you can cut out your fabric.  Made sewing curves much easier due to the accuracy of the die cuts.  Here's a shot of my partially complete quilt top:

And, some eye candy for you - several of Victoria's quilts:

I also took a half-day class with Angela Walters on Saturday.  Learned quite a bit about FMQ, although the half-day format meant there was very little time to actually practice FMQ.  All in all, I felt it was a good class and was worth taking but would have been better as a full day class. 

On Sunday, I took Heather Jones' large scale piecing class.  Her attention to detail and the importance of measuring and cutting accurately was a good reminder - one of my short comings is accuracy in cutting.  You know that expression about garbage in, garbage out - well, sloppy cutting really takes a toll on the end result (as I have learned over and over!).  Big blocks mean bigger mistakes to be made:)  By Sunday I was apparently tired of taking photos as I have none from the class!  I should have a photo of the quilt top before long, as I'm busy putting it together.  I think the large scale will look really good on my bed. 

I also volunteered and went to several lectures.  I'll update you on these topics in my next blog.

I'll be talking to you soon!  


  1. Hope you signed up for 2018 QuiltCon. Julie and I did! I guess I should work on the VFW piece and try and finish it before QuiltCon 2018. So many projects, so little time.

  2. Love the colors you chose for the Pies and Points class. Did you ever make progress? I still need to work on mine. :)