Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIP Wednesday - COLOR

I have been working on my Liberated Round Robin2 block, adding step 3 - COLOR.  You can find the blog at:
Go have a look when you have a minute.  This is not a traditional round robin where you send your block to the next person and receive a block from someone else to add a round - you keep your own block and add rounds based on the focus of individual "steps", culminating in a finished design after 4 steps.

Well, I took that COLOR concept literally and after adding a narrow band of black, I added the biggest orange chevrons I could get my hands on.  Actually, I first made some wonky log cabins for the round, but I made the first one too big and decided to stop and reconsider and well, honestly, the deadline was upon me and I didn't want to be late, so I'd rather do something than nothing (have you ever had that decision making experience?).  Hence the orange chevrons.

So here was my block at the end of step 2:

And here it is after the chevron addition (yeeeeha!):

Not really happy with it, so I'm thinking I'll take off the chevrons and add some wonky trees and then the chevrons.  I'm not giving up on them - I just think the trees need to be inside them and not outside them.  If I haven't confused you enough, I'll stop talking about this and show you a photo after the "chevronectomy", if I actually take off the chevrons and add the trees...because I didn't have enough chevron material and I had to piece them and it took a really long time to match everything up at the seams.  Hmmmm, maybe those trees are gonna look just fine outside the chevrons! 

What do you think - should I rippppp out the chevrons and add the trees, or just keep moving on?  Or do you need to see the trees first to make the decision?

P.S.  I am following the directions for the wonky trees from Gwen Marston and Freddie Moran's book, Collaborative Quilting (here's the link)

                       Collaborative Quilting

Great book full of wonderful ideas for improvisational quilting using bright, bright colors!

That is my work in progress for Wednesday.  Very laid back. 

Aaaaanyway, that's it for May 9th from the Robertson household.


  1. i'm probably totally late, but can i say i love the chevrons!

    1. Thanks Jacquie. You're not too late and Thanks for the thumbs up for the chevrons. Seems to be the consensus on the LRR2 blog site also.