Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday and Project Updates

Back from a family get-together for Memorial Day Weekend and happy to report I have some finished quilts to show you.  But first the weekend update:

Basketball:  did you know that they make little bitty basketballs for little bitty kids?  I found this out when I went online to buy a basketball hoop for the boys.  I didn't want to buy Nerf type basketballs since the hoop would be outside.  Who knew that you can get small and smaller basketballs just right for little hands!?  They practiced dribbling and shooting baskets for hours.

Garage sale swingset:  I found a swingset for $25 at my neighbors garage sale and it was mostly assembled (that's even better than the low, low price).   The great gals who attended the mini-retreat helped me carry it home and my son put it back together.  A great deal of swinging occurred and I am quite sure that we got the entire $25 back in use over the weekend.  Don't you just love bargains at garage sales?

Now on to the quilting news.  I picked up my Stacked Block quilt and my Teal We Meet Again Wonky Plus Sign quilt from my long-arm quilter.  She had marked the Stacked Block quilt with blue washable marker, so I washed it after getting it home.  It's so big, I haven't been able to take a good photo yet - hopefully in next post.
Here is the Wonky Plus Sign quilt:

 Here's the back:

 Here's a close up of the quilting:

I also made my ABC blocks for the June BAMQG meeting (the letters are "Q" and "R") and here they are:

First is the "Q" block - Quilt In Light and Dark:

 It was difficult to find many choices for the "Q" block.  I think that I will use this block as a signature block for the quilt. 

And this is the "R" block - Right Hand of Friendship

And finally, I worked on Step 4 of the Liberated Round Robin 2 project.  Step 4 is the last step of this online improvisational bee.  The theme for Step 4 was "Serendipity".  My serendipity was to take a little block that I had made that was a wonky tree, which just happened to have the same purple fabric I used in the center of the project and added it to the upper left hand corner.  There could be more added but here is Step 4 right now:  

After I decide about adding any other elements to this round, I envision black binding to finish it.

Aaaaanyway, that's it from the Robertson household.


  1. The Wonky Plus quilt looks great! I love the quilting on it.

    1. Thanks Deborah. It's a happy little quilt. And thanks for your contributions.