Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blame It On The Sunshine

I've had a slow if not sluggish week of sewing.  I blame it on the sunshine.  I get up hours earlier than during the winter so I ought to have more time to sew.  Instead, I sip coffee and look around my garden and take Boo for walks or to the dog park to play and generally seem to avoid going into my sewing room for any length of time. 

How about you?  Is "almost summer" wreaking havoc with your sewing?

What did I get done this week?  I managed to complete another block for the QuiltCon Challenge:

QuiltCon Block Challenge - 2 blocks complete;

I already completed my block for the BAMQG Block Challenge so I don't guess I can call that this week's work...but I did photograph it outside, in the sun this week! 

I pulled fabric for the round robbin that 4 of us are participating in and starts the beginning of July.  Our little group are all members of the BAMQG and after spending a mini-retreat long weekend at my house in Gold Country, we decided not to let the fun end there.  In July we bring in our central motifs and our fabric.  Then every 2 months we will have completed a round on someone's quilt.  Have to get my central motif selected and made by July 7th.  Here's my fabric pull:

I just love Cosmos!  Of course, I had to order more fabric to round out my options so that took time.  And I had to search the web for medallion quilts to give me some ideas for my central motif - man there are alot of traditional medallion quilts out there!  Since I want this to be a thoroughly modern quilt, I turned to my favorite bloggers to see what they are doing.  I am torn between one of Faith's  Summer Sampler blocks and an idea I found while wasting time, I mean researching this morning.  Sew Katie Did had a great idea that I might just copy, er use as a resource in creating my amazing one of a kind central motif!  More to follow next week on this topic.

Thank goodness for creative, talented women who  post their wonderful ideas on the internet! 

After writing this week's blog, I see I really did make some progress.  Sometimes getting ready to sew or memorializing what you have done has to take over actual sewing.  If only for a little while! 

I hope you are enjoying beautiful weather where ever you are and that you have had a productive week whether sewing or thinking about sewing!

Aaaaaanyway, that's it from the Robertson household this bright and sun filled day.

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