Thursday, June 7, 2012

Projects, projects, projects!

Happy Thursday.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous here in Los Altos.  Still breezy but lots of sun to make a person smile!

I have been working on improvisational blocks, including some blocks that I may submit to QuiltCon or BAMQG (our modern guild is also running a block challenge in the same QuiltCon colors).  QuiltCon is a modern quilt convention that is scheduled for February in Austin, Tx.  The QuiltCon block challenge is to create blocks from the QuiltCon color palette and one dimension of the block must be 12.5".  The palette is:

So far, I have come up with:

And this:

And this:

I like 1 and 3 more than 2.

Meanwhile, I've been working on smaller improvisational log cabin blocks that will be used in as yet an unknown way.  I haven't done much improvisational work and I haven't worked much in mainly solids or completely solids.  Here is what I've come up with so far:

I am having a little trouble working solely in solids, so every block has some print in it.  I have a pretty good stash of solids now, so it seems to be mostly a matter of my mind shift to solids. 

I have been referring to and learning from Gwen Marston's Liberated Quiltmaking II.  So, the blocks are not all the same size which will ultimately add to the "liberated" nature of the finished project.

And just to add a little food to the post, I have started making jam (or sauce depending on the result) again this year.  First up was strawberry jam.  My friend Bonnie, who lives in Visalia, Ca brought me an entire flat of freshly picked unfumigated organic berries when we got together for Memorial Day Weekend.  These berries are so different from the ones that I purchase in the markets here - the berries are red all the way through and (unfortunately) they go bad very, very quickly.  So we all ate berries until we turned pink and I still had a large amount available for jam.  The results are:

I must have been lazy that day, because these are huge jars of jam.  They look small, but they are not - 4 jars of jam from a huge pot of cooked down berries. 

I make refrigerator jam, so these jars are not "canned".  The taste is amazing - the freshness of the berries is not compromised by the canning process. And you can freeze the jars for longer storage, if you wish. 

Now I'm on to blueberries.  Organic blueberries have just become available and I look forward to making my traditional blueberry jam.

And last but not least, Connor and sippy cup with his Angry Birds hat (3xs too big for his head!):

Aaaaaanyway, that's it from the Robertson household.  


  1. Wow those must have been amazing strawberries!! And I'm sure the sauce/jam will be fantastic whichever way it turns out.

    I just noticed that you're in Los Altos! I was raised in Palo Alto and my parents live in Woodside now. I get to take my two kids for a visit at the end of this month and can't wait to get to have some nice weather and enjoy being "home" again. Enjoy it for me!!

    p.s. I really enjoy your blog, your mostly solid blocks look so cool. Love how you did them!

    1. Thanks so much for your response Marian, I have sent you an email regarding your upcoming visit. Hope to meet you in the near future.

  2. Hope you're enjoying the improv process... the blocks are looking good.

    You'll have to teach me how to make jam this summer- I've been wanting to try this!

    1. Let's set a date to make jam. I just finished blueberry and I'm thinking about peach. I am loving the improv process!

  3. I love your near-solids improv blocks, especially #3. I am a huge 'wonky' block fan - it is what I like ot make the most and gravitate towards them each time.

    I make freezer jam too - I prefer it to cooked jam or jelly and yours looks very yummy!! A lot of sugar though - but who doesn't like sugar!!???