Monday, July 29, 2013

I Went A Little Crazy... the fabric purchasing area.  First, I bought Etsuko Furuya cameras, glasses and scooters.  Some of every color.  I just couldn't resist.  And here they are:

Thank you Pink Chalk for carrying this wonderful fabric.  Now, what should I do with all this wonderfulness of half yards of this super cool fabric...any thoughts?
Next, a box arrived from Hawthorne Threads full of yummie fabrics that I want to use together in a new dramatic quilt.  Much of it is Johari (Alexander Henry), but I also used the Hawthorne Threads web site to find complimentary solids and prints.  Don't know that I will use all of them and I may add from my stash.  Here are my new goodies:  
Right after the box from Hawthorne Threads arrived, I received a box from Julie at The Intrepid Thread.  A box full of Collage by Carrie Bloomston filled the box - yahoo!  Thank you Julie!
Here they are:
Sew, the subject of fabric hoarding comes to mind.  I consider myself not only a sewist but perhaps a "collector" of fabrics.  That is much better than worrying about whether I am really a fabric hoarder.  If I'm a fabric hoarder, I might show up on a reality TV show where someone films my sewing room with fabric all over the floor and falling out of the closet and cabinets.  Bags and piles of fabric escaping the room and moving down the hallway - eeek!  I have to stay organized:)  Organization must mean I'm not a hoarder. 
Note to self:  "I must stay organized.  I must stay organized."
On another note, how is your garden growing?  I believe this is a great tomato year here in the Bay Area.  Are you growing anything?
Canning anything this year?  I have a new batch of strawberry jam and a wee bit of blueberry jam.  I'm now moving to tomato sauce.
Hope your summer is going wonderfully.  Let me know what you're up to, whether sewing, growing or cooking.
Aaanyway, that's it from the Robertson household.  


  1. You buy beautiful fabric and have fun with the canning. I will be making jam in August.

  2. Oh my... so much fabricy goodness... love the Etsuko Furuya stack! Can't wait to see what you do with the Johari.

    One of my tomato plants is doing well, and we've had some nice squash. I was finally able to snip some baby romaine yesterday... wishing I had planted more seeds at the beginning of the summer!

  3. Gorgeous fabrics Kathleen! Those cameras! Those colors! I'm going to pick up some of the collage alphabet fabric. Just saw it in person the other day and now it's a "must have" -- along with so many other "must haves"! lol

    I'd love to see your well-curated collection. ;-) I'm getting ready to move my stuff to a new studio space, and could really use some organizational tips and tricks!

  4. Perhaps a group of pillow covers that you could use for winter? Make them covers and then you can just put them over the existing couch pillows. You have two houses to fill with fabric now, so there is more space. ;-)