Friday, September 20, 2013

My How Time Flies in the Summer!

What the heck happened?  It's barely still summer and I've been MIA since the end of July...

I have been trying to get my new house in Reno settled and set up and have been going back and forth from the Bay Area quite frequently.  Additionally, based on my new found forgetfulness, I have been leaving important things in Reno (like all the sewing I brought one time and then, most recently, I left my laptop there...) 

But I have been having fun also - my grandkids are a delight to be around.  Connor started kindergarten and Mason, the younger one, is going to pre-kindergarten at the same Montessori school.  Changing schools was a little frightening for them - mostly new kids that they didn't know.  Luckily a few crossovers from their former school also started with them and they saw a few familiar faces.

Sewing...let's see, what have I been doing?  I finished my round for Kelly's start on a round robin.  We are in a small group in our guild.  4 of us are participating in a round robin.  We traded bags of fabric and a center block of our choice.  I worked on Kelly's center rectangle block and here's a shot of my work in progress:

I did finish the entire round but failed to take a photo...I really like the effect of the geese wandering.  I got the idea from The Mariner's Compass Book by Judy Mathieson.  I decided to work in some of Kelly's varied stash of fabric so that the next person would have a jumping off point to integrate more of her fabric.  Can't wait to see what it looks like when finished. 

I haven't seen my project yet, as I missed the July and August guild meeting and then Kelly, who has my project, had to miss the September meeting. 

Also, I have been ever so slowly working on a Gee's Bend guilt taken directly from the book Gee's Bend The Architecture of the Quilt.  It's a work in progress, but here it is so far:

That's it.  No other sewing done.  Lot's of cooking and socializing, but very little sewing. 

Last but not least I'll mention the word tomato - what a banner year for tomatoes in the Bay Area.  I am making tomato sauce right and left.  Also, I have a lot of lemon cucumbers.  I never grew them before and they are also very prolific.  Just looked up a recipe for lemon cucumber pickles.  I'll have to let you know how they turn out. 

What's going on in your sewing room and garden?

Aaaaaanyway, that's it from the Robertson household.


  1. It sounds like you are having a lovely summer and fall. The blocks are lovely.

  2. Your gees bend quilt is looking amazing! Are the black and white stripes pieced?

    1. Yes, I'm piecing them. Decided to use slightly off white rather than bright white - it was just a bit too shocking with the bright white! I'm basically making a big block and then cutting it into quarters and reorienting the pieces. Thanks for your comment.