Monday, April 7, 2014

Here and There and Everywhere

I'm truly not sure how I drifted away from blogging for such a long time.  It was no one thing.  It was a little of this:


That's Santa Cruz beach and boardwalk with my youngest grandson and my DIL.  It was a gorgeous spring day.  Have no idea why we are crouched over...

And a lot of this:


These are a couple of photos from my birding trip to Cuba.  The 1950s American cars are amazing!  Actually, Cuba is an amazing place to visit.  I was only there for 2 weeks, but I think that had something to do with my blogging absence.
The next excuse erh.. uh.. reason I have for not blogging, is that I came back from Cuba and then put my house on the market.  It sold right away and I have until June 30th to move.  To get the house ready for sale, I had to de-clutter and pack up and empty out.  Yea, my stash had to be packed up...I thought I kept out everything I needed to finish a few projects, but I seem to be missing some critical fabric for my Gees Bend quilt.  And I packed the Robert Kaufman Kona solids card, so I'm not sure what the name of the missing fabric is for purposes of ordering more.  I could head to the storage unit to try and find the box that has that fabric in it, but it might be a needle in the haystack process.  Ordering sounds easier!
I did get a couple of finishes.  I was participating in the Q1 2014 FAL and had hoped to get 4 projects finished.  I am quite pleased, under the circumstances, that I got 2 projects finished.  Here they are:
The first project I finished was the second in a "study" if you will.  I'm thinking a third one is needed to round out the study.  No, I don't know what I am going to do with these babies - wall hanging?  gift?  Yes, I did quilt it myself which is not at all like me!



My second finish is a very long standing project.  I am quite sure I made the top in 2012...  Here she is - my improvisational quilt.  It's a fun little quilt made with scraps.  I like including the central fabric from a prior quilt in little bits and pieces that show up in a later quilt.  I did quilt this piece also.  I really need to learn to be a better machine quilter if I'm going to keep this up!

Whew - I think I have caught you up on everything that has happened in the last 3 months.  Let's see if I can actually get some sewing done before I move.

Aaaaaanyway, that's it from the Robertson household.


  1. oh goodness you have been busy and then some! Cuba huh? Don't get to go there every day! ;-)
    Your finished projects are beautiful! Yes, do a third 'study!'

    1. Thanks Debbie for your positive comments! A third it is.

  2. That's a lot to catch up on. You got more of your Q1 finishes done than I did and I didn't leave the country or put my house on the market. Your quilting looks great, keep it up.

    1. Thanks Karen. I'm going to try again for Q2. Maybe I'll get some oldies finished.

  3. Love your improv quilt. Trying to quilt and blog and move is something I know a little about....I'm still not recovered.

  4. I can't believe you sold your house!!! I love your condo/apartment and it was so convenient to downtown Los Altos.

    Your quilts are great and I love the quitling on the improv piece.