Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm Baaaaack!

Just in time for Work In Progress Wednesday! 

Where have I been?  First, to Reno to see my kids and grandkids.  Weather was beautiful - no snow, nice sunny days.  I had a great time hanging out with the 2 little boys (4 and 2), watching movies, eating, making messes, eating, watching Sprout, playing outside in the yard, eating, making messes, going to the park - all the usual things that kids like to do and want their MawMaw (that's me!) to do with them.  No time for quilting. 

Then the very next long weekend was taken up with the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild's First Retreat.  It started at 2:00 p.m.on Friday, Feb. 22 at the Los Gatos Lodge and went through Sunday at 3:00 p.m.  23 women showed up to sew and laugh and joke and even dance a little! 

The retreat committee did a fabulous job of setting up the room, organizing the retreat, providing demos, good snacks, great music - everything that you could wish for in a retreat.

Deborah and Jennifer weren't messing around!  Or they were messing around, one way or the other!

I managed to get 2 blocks completed for my 4x5 Q1 Hive 11 mates, 2 A-B-C blocks for the guild quilt along and 8 scrap Depression blocks finished.  That's it!  Other people made 2 or 3 quilt tops...I got 12 blocks made!  Sheesh - I have to speed things up...  So, here are my 4x5 blocks:

And my A-B-C blocks - Ladies' Aid block followed by the Missouri Star block:

And I made 8 of these:

That doesn't seem like much for all the time I was at the retreat.  Are you good at getting projects done quickly?  If so, what's your secret?  Share it with me, I am begging you!!!

Anyway, that's it from the Robertson household.


  1. You did great, Kathleen! If you think about it, 12 blocks is about the size of one of the quilt tops that people were finishing. Anyway, it takes much longer to make four unique blocks than to make four of the same block for a quilt top.

    I also felt like I did not get much done at the retreat. Then I remembered that I have plenty of time to sew at home so I probably should have just relaxed and enjoyed the good company anyway.

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself- those paper-pieced blocks were no walk in the park. You got a lot done considering how labor-intensive those blocks were! Love the fussy-cut Missouri Star block.

  3. You've been awarded the Liebster! Go here for the details: