Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday

Here it is, Wednesday again and I have been making progress!  I have been working on my ABC quilt top, making new blocks and then, for some strange reason, going backwards in the alphabet and re-making blocks.  It's funny, but as the quilt top grows some of the decisions that I made early-on seem inconsistent with the way the top is, well, growing... so I remade "D" and "C" so far. 

We started this quilt block quilt-along at the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild last summer.  Initially, we started out making one letter each month, but come January, we stepped up to two letters each month so that we can finish our quilt tops by October 2012.  March blocks are "K" and "L".  April blocks are "M" and "N".  Those of us who are participating bring our blocks in each meeting and show them off to the guild. 

I'm working a little out of order, so I made "L" and "M" before I made "J" and "K".  Actually, I still haven't made "K" because it has alot of tiny little pieces and I need to take my time - and let's face it, I'm avoiding it right now.  And I made two "L" blocks.  I showed you the Ladies' Aid block last time.

So, here are my new blocks:

 "J" is for Jefferson City.  I really like this block because it reminds me of a Harlequin pattern.
"L" is for Log Cabin.  The second "L" block I made.
"N" is for Nine Patch.  I love this map of Paris Bon Vivant fabric!

And here is the whole kitandkaboodle:

I thought this was a black and white quilt with a little red.  Now it's black and white and red with a little grey.  Who knows what changes will happen in the next section of the alphabet! I love looking at the blocks through a photo - it really changes my perspective.  Blocks that I don't really like in person, I like in the photo. 

Aaaanyway, that's it from the Robertson household.

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