Wednesday, February 27, 2013

As Promised - more QUILTCON

In my last post I gave you an overview of content and controversy.  I wanted to move on from there and show you my most precious experience:  a class with Yoshiko Jinzenzi.

I stayed in Austin until Sunday for this class.  I have been taken by her design and purchased her book but to meet her in person...  She combines simplicity (a dot or dog or square on fabric) with a knowing of what makes sense to her.  She is so modest and so willing to share that I am taken aback and in awe of her. 

Having the opportunity to be in a sewing room with her was amazing.  QuiltCon made this happen and I am so grateful!
And I have to say that meeting up with the joined Bay Area peeps for dinner was wonderful.  We are so close and yet so far (travel time).  I'm wondering if we can't create some "meet ups"  that don't involve travel to a distant state?  If not, good luck to Lauren who is moving to Japan.  I hope she will stay in touch and, of course, start a Modern Guild where ever she is in Japan.
And a few more quilts:

This last quilt was People's Choice for best in show.  I agree 100% that this quilt from simplicity of piecing to beautiful quilting was the winner.  What do you think about this quilt?
Aaaaanyway, that's it from the Robertson household.

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  1. Great posts on QuiltCon! Thanks for sharing. Also, I agree with you, we should get the whole bay area MQGs together nearby, maybe a true joint retreat. And yes, Lauren is fantastic. I met her in a class at New Pieces and thought she was so much fun and such an interesting person. Japan will be lucky to have her (at least for a little while, we'll want her back!).