Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday of the Three Day MLK Weekend

Where did the weekend go?  Three days to enjoy our vacation home in Gold Country, cooking and sewing.  The weekend is over with and I did not get any blogging done.  Now that I am back in the Bay Area, I am determined to give you a snapshot of the weekend with some quilty content.

First of all - no snow in Yosemite or anywhere in Tuolumne County.  And, to make matters worse, no rain for two months.  All the snow in Seattle and Portand is staying there right now.  We may get some weather coming in around Thursday.  The creek behind my house is almost dry.  Boo enjoyed his time in the yard, but we will all have to worry about fire season in the late spring and summer if the drought continues.

     The days are sunny with clear skies and the nights are cold.  Went down to 20F last night.  My brother and sister-in-law came for dinner Saturday night (grilled lamb, roasted potatoes, salad and bread pudding).  Sunday night we went to their house for pot roast, chard, homemade bread and the left over bread pudding.  I forgot to take pictures of dinner, any dinner...perhaps the Tobin James Reserve Zinfandel or the chardonnary?? 

     Here are a few photos of the inside of my vacation home.  You can see some of my antique quilt collection in the pie safe and the cabinet.  I have collected antiques for years, culled down my collection when I moved to California, but kept a few.

     I have antique quilts that I have collected as well as quilts that my grandmother made and 2 quilts that her mother made (they lived in Elkhart, Indiana before my grandmother married my grandfather).

    I did work on some scrap blocks to add to the blocks that I received in  Scrapaholic Block Swap 3 or 4.  I also took a few photos of my stacked quilt top and worked out what the back will look like.  I'll show you the back when I have it together.  Here's the top:

     Hope you and yours had a wonderful long weekend.  Did you get any sewing done?  Or share a great meal with family or friends?  Please share your fun.

     Let us not forget Martin Luther King's dream - that no child shall be judged by their color.  And I add let no child be judged by their gender or sexual orientation.  Let us look forward to a day when each child is able to grow and flourish to the best of his or her ability.

    And that's it from the Robertson household this MLK weekend.  

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