Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday

     I don't know about you, but I read so many blogs and so admire seeing Work In Progress photos and then, it seems like almost the next blog, the project is finished.  I mean completely finished! 
     Well, I will not be that kind of blogger and sewist, but I thought it only right that I post some Works in Progress and see if I can become motivated to more quickly finish my projects.  I'm hoping that I'll put the images out there and then "own" the finish - not that anyone is actually reading this blog right now, but that could change!

So here we go with a couple of WIP:

Scrap Depression Blocks  

     I have some partially completed blocks in the upper photo, left side.  BAMQG is having a Sew Day this Saturday and these blocks will be with me to work on.  I think I need about 20 more to finish the project.   Some of these blocks came to me by way of the flicker Scrapbuster Swap (  This is a great swap if you enjoy swaps - Round 7 is gearing up.  Each round is a different block, but all blocks are scrap blocks.

Scrap String Blocks

     This is a paper pieced block.  While I have used computer paper, recycling phone books (if you still have any) by using the pages from the phone book works really well.  The paper is so thin, it tears off really easily.  It still pays to reduce your stitch length so that it is really, really easy to remove the paper backing (do you note the voice of experience here?  - I just hate  forgetting to reduce my stich length and using computer paper, then lamenting how my stitches are pulling out as I try to remove the paper...arghhhh!)  You can make the block without paper piecing, but I don't find the result is as good. 

     I really like the look of this block - it's very dramatic.  I don't really know how many more blocks I will make because I haven't decided how big this quilt should be.  It's so visual that maybe a wall quilt or lap quilt size is large enough.  What do you think?

     I'll try to show some photos of these 2 finished projects (plus the stacked quilt top that I showed you last time) in the near future.  I'm really excited about finishing the stacked quilt because it is for my bed.  Now that I have decided on the backing, I just have to complete that and I'm good to go.  Wootwoot! 

     I hope that your Wednesday is going wonderfully and that you are finding joy in the midst of your busy life. 

     That's it from the Robertson household this WIP Wednesday. 

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  1. Yay... you're blogging :) I think you're right about the string blocks... they're colorful and fun, which is perfect for a throw sized quilt. Thanks for the tip about the phone book pages for string blocks. I've been picking up multiple copies of the Metro at local coffee shops for this purpose, but phone book pages are thinner.