Monday, March 26, 2012

Where did the days go?

As usual, time has gotten away from me and I missed my mid-week blog.  Don't know why.  Can't explain it.  I can blame it on work, but work is a constant, so no help there!  But, I have been so busy sewing that maybe that's the reason why I have been dark.  Here is what has been going on:

I received my PTS Round 7 pillow top from Eatsleepsew and it is a beauty:

I did not have an 18" pillow form for the photos.  I have it now and the pillow looks even better.  Didn't she do a beautiful job piecing those HSTs?  And chocolate treats for good measure - gotta love a thoughtful partner!

Next, I spent the entire past weekend up at my house in the foothills getting the backs to my Stacked queen size quilt and my Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow Samper quilt completed in time to meet my long-arm quilter buddy, Dee Small on Sunday.  I made some additional blocks for the back of the JD sampler and then had to track down the missing owl fabric for the Stacked quilt back.  Mission accomplished.  Dee now has 3 quilts of mine to work on when they come up in her "wait list".  I may have them all back by the end of April or early May, complete with bindings!  Yahoo!!

And, I have been working on my pillowtop swap for the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild challenge that is due at our April meeting.  Those of us who wanted to participate brought in an assortment of scraps to be given to another participant by the challenge coordinator (actually drawn randomly from a big pile of bags).  I don't know who has my scraps and I don't know whose scraps I have. 

I was kind of stumped for awhile because of the colors I was given and the number of scraps, but eventually I decided to make an X and + block as seen on Amy Badskirt's blog.  It's a wonderful scrap block and I am quite pleased with the look of the pillow.  Quite large a pillow for me - 20" square. 

 I can't show any photos right now or I'll give away the surprise, but after the April 7 meeting, all will be revealed.  If you like hints, think spring.

Finally, I am putting together 2 other quilt tops from swaps that I have been in.  One is a scrappy mod mosaic small quilt and the other is a wonky 9 patch in orange (both Oh Fransson designs) from awhile back.  That will then bring me to the monster project - Tokoyo Subway Map quilt.  I'll leave that topic for my next chat.

Boo is under the weather from munching weird things that he found in the big field that is the backyard of my house in the foothills.  I will spare you the details of the problem.  It is not pretty!

Aaaanway, that's it from the Robertson household. 


  1. I'm excited to see the stacked quilt finished!!

  2. You are on a completion roll with those swap blocks - nicely done, keep it going. Really love hearing about your fab guild meetings. Love the secret scrap swap idea.