Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday - I'm in it!

What fun!  I have work in progress that I can report.  I've been on such a mission to finish projects.  It was bothering me that I have been signing up for bees and swaps and then receiving my blocks and...putting them in the cabinet.  As I promised myself at the beginning of this year, I want to bring these projects to completion.  The other good news is, as I finish my work , I am motivated to post on the old group sites.  It is so rewarding to see what other swap members have done and also to see the response to my work.  

Also, I have learned that I have to carefully consider the bees and swaps that I am going to join.  I want to be happy with what I receive and I want to know that, if I join a swap or bee, that I will utilize the blocks I receive.  I'm getting better at understanding just how much of a time commitment I am making when signing up.  I have noticed that it's difficult to do my own original work when I have so many deadline commitments.  That has probably been the single most important consideration I have applied in my decision making - I want to have more time to be creative.

Now that I have said all that, here are two of my older projects that are going to be completed:

I expect I'll get these tops done rather quickly.  I'm kicking myself now wondering why I took so long to complete these two projects - sometimes I overthink the projects so much that I lose the momentum of early completion.

It seems like there is a critical time in a project when either completion or avoidance strikes.  Have you noticed that in your quilting? 

Meanwhile, I can report that Boo is recovering from his gastro-intestinal distress after going to the vet and getting rehydrated and pumped full of meds.  Apparently, he has a very tempremental stomach when it comes to processing grass and other strange items that he finds in the pasture grass of my backyard.  I am told that he must be "supervised" in the yard to avoid this in the future.  I am clearly on a learning curve of doodle mama behavior!

Aaaaanyway, that's it from the Robertson household.


  1. Good for you pulling those blocks out to complete. I too get all sentimental and re-inspired visiting previous swap sites. I zoomed in on your Mod Mosaic to see if any were from me, but no. Pretty sure you've got some of my orange ones although they all do look alike LOL.

    1. Hi Karen. I'm so glad that you posted your photo of your finished mosaics. I was going to give up on those mosaic blocks until I saw what you did - sashing and complete. How simple is that?
      And the wonky orange blocks - I'm setting them with grey solid blocks and done! Did you finish yours?

  2. Wahoo! I remember those orange blocks from your wonky nine patch tutorial for the guild. They look so good.

    1. Hi Ruth - yep, these are the blocks that were the basis of that tutorial. Thanks for your positive feedback! I'm not sure I'll make another orange and grey quilt after this one, as this is my second, but hey, ya never know! See you at the meeting.