Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun Friday and a Reveal

I'm expecting it to be a fun Friday, although the day is just getting started with lots more rain.  Yep - rain, rain, rain.  Except right now, the sun is out and blue skies are trying to peek through the grey.  We had thunder and lightening last
night - very unusual for the Bay Area.  But enough of the weather, let's get to the fun:

 Sewing Summit

I was one of the lucky who got a ticket for Sewing Summit before it sold out.  Actually, I bought my ticket at 9:30 a.m. MT, 30 minutes after registration opened.  I had already missed the $50 discount offered for the first 50 purchasers!  Wow - this is one popular conference!  I did not attend the first conference, but heard very good things about it from several people who did attend.

And now for the reveal!  If you remember, I made a pillow for a Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild swap.  We received a bag of scraps from another guild member.  We weren't told who that person was.  We were asked to make a pillow from the scraps and bring said finished pillow to the April meeting. 

After sorting and resorting her scraps, I started like this:

And ended up with Amanda's finished pillow (I didn't know it was Amanda's pillow until the meeting):

 I added a strip of her fabric to the back, made buttonholes (when was the last time I did that?) and covered buttons.  I am becoming so fond of covered buttons on pillows...

The pattern is X and + from Amy Badskirt's blog (  You can get the tutorial from her blog.  I think I am going to make an entire quilt from this pattern.  It's an easy block and is quite striking.

Well, the sun disappeared again, so I suppose I should get ready for another round of rain.  On that note, I'll wish you a Fun Friday!

Aaaanyway, that's it from the Robertson household.

P.S.  It's pouring again!


  1. We had a crazy thunder storm last night and more pouring rain so far today. I'm excited that we'll be at Sewing Summit together - maybe even in a class or do some shop hopping. Fun Friday back wishes right back at you.

  2. I'm enjoying the rain... gives me an excuse to stay in sewing ;)
    Love the pillow! You had great scraps to work with.

  3. Gorgeous pillow! So perfect for adding cheer to a rainy Spring.