Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Liebster Love and a little WIP for Wednesday

Thanks to my guild buddy, Deborah  I have received:

An award - how cool is that?  As Deborah advised, along with the award comes responsibilities.  I will do them all gladly and pass the award on to deserving recipients.  The award itself is to recognize bloggers (and blogs) with fewer than 100 followers.  Well, I certainly fit in that category!

My responsibilities are:

1. Thank your award presenter on your blog and link back to him/her.  Done!
2. Copy and paste the award to your blog.  Done!
3. Present the Liebster Award to 5 blogs that you think deserve to be recognized.  Working on it.
4. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.  Ditto.
5. Have faith that your followers will spread the love too!  Ditto.   
 My work in progress seems to be primarily focused on buying fabric.  Yep, I've been at it again.  The Oakshott cottons arrived from England.  Are these fabrics beautiful or what!  The fabrics are much better than the photos.  A few of us from the guild went in on a purchase to make the shipping more affordable.  We'll divide up the goods this weekend.
I made progress on my Liberated Round Robin 2.  We are at Step 2 now - so I stepped!  We were to make fabric out of crumbs.  I don't have much in the way of fabric crumbs, so I worked with strips, which I have alot of. 
I started with this:

And then I did this:

And then I did this:

If you notice, I retro-fit a grey "pick-up stick" in the bottom left corner, to try to offset the amazing visual effect of the red pick-up sticks that shift the center block visually so far to the right.

Retro-fitting is not alot of fun.  I wish I had the vision of weaving the sticks under the black border before I set the entire border.  Going back and cutting in these sticks has not been easy.

Here's my current version:

I'm not thrilled with the precision of my additions, but I have decided to let it be for awhile and then decide what I can do to improve it.  Clearly I am having a little problem with the liberated part of this!  Plus there is Step 3 coming up and I have no idea what that round will be. 

On that note, it's time to sign off.  Thank you again Deborah for including me in the Liebster award.   It is much appreciated.

Aaaanway, that's it from the Robertson household.

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  1. You're very welcome. I always like to see what you're up to between guild meetings. And I'm with you on having a problem with being liberated. Maybe I should have a glass *before* I start improv blocks!