Thursday, April 26, 2012

Screaming Green and Other Thoughts

As many of you know, I have a wonderful giveaway of Jacquie and Katie's book "Quilting Modern" (see earlier post) that will end on Monday - and there is plenty of time to put your name in now, but I had to share with you a few other things that I have been working on. 

As background, the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild, of which I am VP, is a very active little modern guild.  We have a meeting and sewcial on the first Saturday of each month at the Redwood City Library and often have a sew day on another day once a month from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m (or later) when we can snag the Los Altos library room.  When we get the Los Altos room, anywhere from 20-25 women opt in to the no cost sew day and we sew, talk, create, share stories of children and grandchildren, help each other with work and join in helping each other with completion of projects.  It is truly a sharing of work, ideas and is beginning to be a place and time of something where the whole is greater than the parts, or pieces...if you get my idea.  You should join us some time soon, if you live nearby or can make the trip (see the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild site or look at our blog or flickr site, all of which are links once you go to the ning site. 

I completed this top at our last sew day with the help of a few friends to add the corners and square it up (Capitolaquilter you know who you are and I am so grateful...):

These blocks were from the Scrapbuster Swap Round 7 Wonky Bento Box that I participated in.  I set them on point with some very loud chartreuse fabric and I have named this quilt the "Screaming Green" quilt.  Am I the only one who names their quilts?  It seems to me that each quilt top/quilt that I make has a personality and a story and deserves a name.  Some names come to me very early, Screaming Green.  Others take a very long time, but we can't wait for that right now.

This photo is taken in the courtyard of my home.  The light was uncooperative as the Gods could not decide whether it was going to rain or let the sun come out.  I waited for a shot that would give a little backlight to the top and voila, it happened, kinda, sorta.  Do you spend time trying to get the right shot of your quilts or quit tops? 

Then I started work on these Spidey and Avenger quilt tops for my two grandsons: 

I found the Avengers fabric and the Spidey panels at  I found the combination of the panels and the fabric to be an easy solution to two small quilts for the boys.  My older grandson is besotted with Spiderman and the Avengers.  I thought I better make 2 quilts so the little one could also have his Avengers quilt, even if he only wants it because the big guy does.   

What are you creating and why?  Do tell your stories and experiences about your quilts or your creative work when you have the time, please.  I believe that we as women are the storytellers and have much to share.  

Aaaanway, that's it from the Robertson household.

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  1. They all look great, Kathleen! The green is fantastic, and those Spiderman quilts look really cute!