Monday, April 2, 2012

Of Farmers Markets and Sunshine

Warning - long post, but mostly photos, so please dive in!!

Do you love to go to Farmers Markets to buy your goodies?  I do too and especially this time of year, when winter is losing its hold and there are so many more wonderful fruits and veggies at the stands. 

Sunday morning I met a friend and we took off for the Palo Alto all organic farmers market .  There are so many farmers markets in this area, but I especially like this one because of its location and day of the week.  This farmers market is on California Avenue, where the street is closed off for the morning and you can walk up and down the street perusing the amazing offerings.  In addition to the fruit and vegetable stalls, there are bakers and cheese makers and grass fed beef for sale and sustainably harvested fish mongers, cut flowers, orchids, musicians, plus many booths with food prepared for the munching.  I took a few photos of the beautiful wares:

 Rainbow chard
Beautiful beets
Carrots everywhere
 Piles of avocados
Gerber Daisies
 One of the vendors signs
Little plants for the planting.

Happy Girl Kitchen Co. jams and marmalades.

I bought carrots, beets, bib lettuce, fingerling potatoes, orange marmalade, lemon semolina mini-cakes for dessert, organic pasteurized eggs, and some strawberries for a berry pie.  

We put the eggs and the cakes in the refrigerator for later use, make a salad, roasted a chicken with the carrots and potatoes, make a strawberry and blueberry pie and - dinner was served!

As for quilting, well I did get quite a bit done on Saturday (when it was storming, blowing, rain going sideways in the wind, etc).  I finished the Blockwork Orange quilt top:

 And I arranged the blocks I received from the Scrapbuster Bee Round 7 swap - Wonky Bento Box
 And I made a center block for the Liberated Round Robbin 2 challenge.

What a nice way to spend a weekend!

Aaaaanyway, that's it from the Robertson household.


  1. Love the farmer's market... especially in the spring. Those lemon semolina mini-cakes sound delicious!

  2. Hi Deborah - they were delicious. Sadly, they are now gone until next visit to this farmers market...
    See you at the meeting.

  3. Love the blog. Great meeting you on Saturday at the BAMQG. I was in the scrapbuster swap 7 as well, and I see one of my blocks above. So fun. Look forward to seeing you at the sew day.

    1. Hi Lorelei, It was so nice to meet you at the meeting. Did you bring those yummie cupcakes? I'm going to get those blocks pieced this week. You'll have to tag your block for me. Wasn't that a great swap?